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Rm 508, Wednesday morning.

She was leaving. This was it. Two years of school here, cheerleading, school assemblies, awesome field trips, incredible friends. This was it. It was all over for her here at Fandom and it was time to leave.

Excited as she was to leave, she was also feeling the sadness creep up on her and cling a bit. Her room was empty. Her backpack was ready to go. She had everything she needed and room 508 would again be empty.

Now all she needed was A.J.

[Last post for Annette. If anyone wants to stop by and say goodbye, here's your chance.]

Rm 508, early Tuesday evening

Annette and A.J. were leaving tomorrow which meant Annette had to finish up with her packing and getting things in order. She was sad to be leaving, but anxious and excited about her upcoming adventure. Lucky for her she convinced her parents. How she conviced them need not be discussed. Ever. Hopefully A.J. wouldn't ask.

...and wow, was her room bare. Angel and the rest of her belonging's went back with her parents. It felt lonely save for the pile of stuff she had on the other bed in her room. Stuff for their trip. Annette just wondered how much stuff they actually needed.

Drinking bottled water, Annette glanced at her watch. He should be here any minute.

[For A.J., yo ETA: NWS!]

Rm 508, Friday early evening

So, Annette knew her parents were here. She was just taking a few extra minutes to... prepare herself. 

She looked pretty, she thought. Dressed nicely to impress in a skirt, blouse, and heels. It totally unnerved her that they were here. Talking on the phone was one thing, having them here for her to have to answer to directly, was another. She couldn't just hang up on them.

Good thing Cecile knew she liked raspberry vodka. Annette had a brand new bottle sitting on her desk.

Grabbing her purse, she stood staring at her door, trying to get in the moooood.

[Establishy mainly unless you want to catch her before she heads out.]

Rm 508, Friday morning.

Annette was packing. And she had tons of stuff to pack. Mostly she was carefully putting her things into boxes and she would let her parents take them back with them after graduation. But everything coming down off her walls and shelves, well, it was a touch sad. Two school terms here had her accumulating a lot of stuff, probably more than she ever needed. It was hers though, dammit, and it was all coming with her.

Except she wasn't going home after graduation. She was backpacking through Europe and she had been desperately trying to figure out a way to tell her parents. Maybe she could tell them it was a summer project for school. Yeah, that might work Hm. Maybe she wouldn't say anything yet until they called to find out where she was. And maybe she would be in Rome by then. Hm.

Angel curled up against her legs and smiling, Annette bent over to pick her up. "I'm going to miss you, but you get to go home with my parents and they will take very good care of you. They have this great big house for you to have all sorts of fun in."

Sighing and getting back to her task at hand, Annette idly wondered out loud, "What exactly does one take on a backpacking excursion?"

[It can be open, yes, but it will be SP from me until later this afternoon.]

Rm 508, Tuesday afternoon

Not having any reason to leave her room, Annette was pensive, lost in her own thoughts as she lay on her bed, TV on but ignored. 

It was difficult meeting a child that another you had, and having to say goodbye. It was even more difficult knowing who that child was with. She was trying not to think about it. She wasn't sure what he thought.

Graduation was coming up which meant she was leaving soon. In more ways than one, was she ready to leave. In other ways, she was not. It was hard finding a comfortable medium and her heart twisted with memories, leaving her feeling somewhat hollow.

Angel nuzzled her neck and Annette smiled, bringing her cat close. She should write Mr. Phale. And she would do exactly that, later today.

For now, her bed was comfortable, the TV background noise to her thoughts.

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Rm 508, Late Saturday night

Annette and Aimee both walked  into her room, giggling, and being such...girls. They had spent the day handwavily shopping (Annette having picked up Aimee from the diner) and then after dropping off their packages, Annette took her daughter to Caritas. 

Yeah, probably not the best place to take your kid, but Anders fixed Aimee a Shirley Temple and Annette had one too... with just a little extra something in it. And maybe she had a few more too.

Now she was giggling with her daughter, the two kicking off their shoes as Annette helped Aimee ready for bed. "Don't tell daddy, okay? He doesn't need to know we went to that place."

"You say that a lot mommy: 'Don't tell daddy'," Aimee giggled as she put her jammies on.

"It doesn't matter. The important thing here is that we had a mommy daughter... time... or whatever," oh, head was spinny. "Come on, let's sit on your bed over here and I'll tell you a story."

"No mommy! I want to jump!" Aimee declared brightly.

"Jump? But I'm too big to jump on a bed, Aimee..."

"Mommy! Pleeeeeease?"

Laughing, Annette conceded and climbed up on Aimee's bed and held her little hands, jumping on the bed.

Aimee started to sing, "One little monkey jumping on the bed!"

[For the baby daddy does he feel like it ;)]

Rm 508, Saturday evening

Tucking her daughter into the extra bed in her room, Annette sat at her bedside and read her a story. It was from Vogue magazine but it was the best she could offer the sleepy little girl. Besides, she was asleep before she got half-way through the article, and Annette just smiled, staring down at her before she made sure the covers were tucked up around her.

Moving to her own bed she sat down and looked over at the pictures Aimee painted. For a six year old little girl, they seemed pretty amazing.

Yawning, she laid down and tucked her hands under her cheek, content to lay there with the light on for awhile, watching her daughter sleep across the room.

[Establishy mainly.] 


Rm 508, Saturday morning

It had been a late night, a wonderful late night, and Annette was content to lay curled up and warm and sleep in as late as she wanted, especially with A.J.  Maybe she could talk him into just laying around all day and watching movies and munching on snacks. No need to get up, really. He worked tomorrow; today, hopefully he was free. 

Just now however, he was warm and she was warm cuddled up against him. There was absolutely no need to wake up.


[For others... hee.]

Rm 508, early Friday evening

For some reason, Annette was nervous. She's been to plenty of dances; fancy, casual, everything in between. But tonight was different. She felt like she was sixteen again, getting ready for her first date. She kept checking her hair, her gown, her nails; made sure she had just enough lip gloss on, and just a touch of perfume. She was ready, more than ready, and tried to will her nervousness away by singing along to the radio. It wasn't a very good sound, but it didn't matter, it was helping to calm her nerves.

Her door was closed. All she needed now was her date.

[For A.J.]

Rm 508, Friday morning

And so went the conversation until Annette, exhausted, finally hung up and flung herself on her bed. She was going to have to go somewhere for the summer she realized. No freaking way could she stay with her parents. No FREAKING way.

[Door is open, though expect possible bouts of SP expected
ETA: I'm a dork and just realized that prom was tonight. Uh. So made adjustments. It's been a long week, okay?]



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