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Annette Hargrove

It's a bittersweet memory...

Character Name: Annette Hargrove
Fandom: Cruel Intentions
Age: 17, birthday March 15
Email: misshargrove at bellsouth dot net
AIM: impress1me
Voicemail: 555-PURE
Living arrangements: Dorm Rm. 508, no roommate
Summer Cabin '07: Platypus A1
Appearance: 5'2", petite, blonde, blue-eyed, well-groomed.
Canon:Annette unwittingly becomes a pawn in Sebastian and Kathryn's deliciously diabolical wager of sexual conquest when she writes an artical in Seventeen Magazine about how she intends to stay pure untill she marries her boyfriend. However, Sebastian gets more than he bargained for as he attempts to woo Annette into his bed.
Cruel Intentions at IMDb
Cruel Intentions at Wikipedia


Previous Classes:
Spring Semester Classes '08:
Criminal Justice - Deadpool, Monday per. 3
Lawyering Up - Petrelli, Wednesday per. 2

Fall Classes, '07:
Prophecy in Theory and Practice - Aziraphale, Tuesday
Love Smart - Stinson, Friday
Debating - Noblet, Friday

Summer Workshops Term 1, '07:
Potpourri - Buster Bluth, Tuesday
History in Action - Roslin, Wednesday
How to Annoy Your Teachers - Crichton, Wednesday
Women and Gender Studies - Samuels & Dunleavy, Wednesday

Summer Workshops Term 2, '07:
Sex Ed the GOB Bluth Way II: Sex Edder - G. Bluth, Monday
How to Blow Things Up without Losing an Eye or Other Important Body Part - Aly, Tuesday
Seven Easy Steps to Being Able to Convince People You're a Spy - Aly, Wednesday

Spring '07:
Conflict Management - grade recieved A-
Home Economics - grade recieved A+
Spy Tech - grade revieved A-
Tremble Foolish Mortals - The Gods and You - grade recieved pass

Fandom High Cheerleader - go_gremlins

Current Employment: Fandom Post Office , Mondays.

Annette's Yearbook 06-07

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